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The first multi-service platform of dematerialization, incredibly simple and secure, to succeed in your digital transformation


Your new digital, secure and multifunctional desktop application

Pineappli is the perfect resolution to the challenges posed by transitioning to a digital format needed by companies.

This digital transition, also called digital transformation, is the process that allows companies to integrate all available digital technology into their business procedures.

In order to best support this transition, companies need maximum security for their data, solutions that are user friendly, easy access to all trusted services, legal and regulatory compliance, all for a low cost!

Pineappli brings the solution to these 4 essential needs with its services.

Pineappli Sécurité


Europe and the US patented technology to protect your data is the strongest way known in the modern age

Pineappli Simplicité


Easy to install and use.
A single intuitive screen to control all the dematerialization services

Pineappli Conformité


Guarantee of legal and regulatory compliance

Pineappli Prix attractif

Low Cost Price

Inherent to the patented technology and the mutualization of services on the same screen

The Pineappli solution

The scalable multi-solution screen

Pineappli breaks with traditional electronic document management and archiving systems.

Concerning the extreme simplification of these new technologies for the primary user, Pineappli takes into account the whole life cycle of a document.
From a single screen, the user’s Pineappli desktop, they can easily manage all the stages of a document’s life cycle.
Thus, the user can keep, archive, file, search, share, sign, seal, date & time stamp, transfer a document, all from their PC, tablet or Smartphone.
All of these operations are carried out in full legal and regulatory compliance.
This ease of implementation in any existing IT environment is entirely based on our data security technology, patented in Europe and the US, that offers the maximum level of security for the user’s data.

Pineappli, your secure* and multi-functional desktop of the future

Pineappli Coffre-Fort Perso

Personal Safe

Store all your documents

Pineappli Coffres-Forts Partages

Shared safes

Collaborative space to exchange documents between several users

Pineappli Services de confiance

Trust Services

Ability to sign, seal, date & time stamp or send documents by registered mail (using recognized service providers)

Pineappli Transfert de document

Document Transfer

Provision of a document for one or more recipients

More Pineappli

Pineappli Fleche

Only the user can access his/her vault, the administration cannot have access to it

Pineappli Esperluete

Lifetime data storage, thanks to Pineappli’s patented technology*

Pineappli Fleche

For each shared space, its creator decides which users he/she shares with

Pineappli Esperluete
For each space, the users and their rights can be different
Pineappli Fleche

The document does not leave Pineappli’s space, hence perfect confidentiality

Pineappli Esperluete

The signed, sealed, time-stamped or registered document is automatically saved

Pineappli Fleche

In 80% of the cases, the document is read and/or validated. It does not come out of the safe (simple viewing) and keeps all its security

Pineappli Esperluete

In 20% of the cases, the document must be modified and therefore downloaded, but this access has limited duration

Legal and regulatory compliance – Europe and US patented technology*

Pineappli Bureau

* Patent filed by Mr. Jean-Marc Rietsch on June 8, 2015, dealing with the “securing of digital data”, bearing National Registration No. 1501179 and European Registration No. 3304409 and issued on April 7, 2020 in the United States under No. 10,614,230

Make Pineappli your new hyper-secure digital office, easy to install, easy to use and at a low-cost!

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