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Jean-Marc Rietsch President-Founder

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Maximilien Rietsch Technical Director R&D

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Sylvine Guyard Marketing & Communication Manager

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Lea Frasconi Marketing & Communication Assistant

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Ludwig Roger Developer

Jean-Marc Rietsch President-Founder
He brings his expertise and all his experience in the security of trusted services and more particularly his knowledge and real experience of electronic archiving, among others by having largely contributed to the launch of CDC Arkhineo, the first French company to have positioned itself as a third party archiver of digital data.

His good knowledge of the electronic signature is important due to its omnipresent in all digitization projects and in electronic archiving. Jean-Marc Rietsch also contributed to the development of the first timestamping service launched by Certeurope in 2003.

He also contributed to the implementation of a new trust service, the Evidence Management Authority, whose objective is to verify the validity of an electronic signature on a document intended for archiving. This project was carried out by the French National Printing Office, and is now fully covered by the European eIDAS regulation as a signature validation service. He supported the company CDC Arkhinéo to be qualified on this service in July 2018.

As an international expert in digitization and electronic archiving Jean-Marc Rietsch has worked for major banking groups but also for Orange, Airbus and others on the implementation of digitized processes and the verification of their legal and regulatory compliance.

His participation in the EBIOS club has enabled him to develop a risk analysis approach dedicated to digitization.

Maximilien Rietsch Technical Director R&D
Holder of an engineering degree in computer science and electronics, which gives him a high level of knowledge and a real rigor in his work, he has also developed many skills in different areas of computer science, among others through several internships abroad but especially through his professional experience.

His good knowledge of almost all computer platforms, acquired through the development of many applications for mobile and desktop PCs, allows him to know how to set up a full responsive system for office applications, smartphones and tablets.

He has also studied artificial intelligence and deepened his knowledge on the subject in particular through contact with the director of Facebook’s artificial intelligence research laboratory, Yann Le Cun. Thus, he has already designed by himself devices based on artificial neural networks.

His areas of expertise allow him to act both in the development of applications and software architecture as well as in the architecture of computer systems or in research and development work on artificial intelligence, particularly at the level of artificial neural networks.

Sylvine Guyard Marketing & Communication Manager
A graduate of business school, she is recognized for her human qualities and her ability to organize professional events.
From taking charge of the conception, preparations and material and logistical organization, she has been in charge of numerous events for more than 15 years.

Breakfasts, cocktail lunches and dinners, conferences, competitions, vernissages, award ceremonies, organization of trade shows, exhibition stands, book launches and annual congresses, are some of her achievements in the field of health and particularly in the field of new technologies.

She has also been able to put her enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity at the service of setting up training courses and company seminars for numerous structures in the private and public sectors.

Lea Frasconi Marketing & Communication Assistant
After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Lea wanted to pursue her passion for cosmetics. She quickly completed a CAP in aesthetics, cosmetics and perfumery, then a Professional Certificate and finally a BTS in a sandwich course, which she completed at the multinational company COTY in Monaco in one of its research centers.

Eager to reach positions of responsibility, Lea completes her curriculum by completing a Bachelor’s degree. Thanks to this generalist training, she discovered the world of marketing and events; it was a real revelation for her.

She then began a Master’s Degree in Digital Communication and Global Strategy, which enabled her to acquire the tools and techniques necessary to perform future functions in marketing, communication and sales.

As part of her training, Lea joined Pineappli team in November 2020. She assists the team in the marketing, communication and event organization aspects, bringing all her dynamism and creative talents.

Ludwig Roger Developer

After a double bachelor’s degree in Literature and Science, passionate about computer science and development, he embarked on graduate studies in the field of computer technology.

He first obtained a BTS in Computer Services for Organizations, (option Software Solutions and Business Applications oriented programming), then completed a Bachelor’s degree and finally a Master’s degree in Software Architecture, (option Expert in Computer Engineering and Information Systems).

Professional experiences :
BOSCH France, as user support: troubleshooting, incident resolution, etc.
SNCF, development of applications for internal use, in particular for TGV maintenance

He joined the Pineappli adventure in November 2019 as a software developer and architect. He assists Maximilien in all his projects.