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Pineappli - Validation / Conservation des signatures électroniques

Validation / Retention of electronic signatures

The electronic signature is developing more and more in France and in Europe, no doubt because its legal equivalence with the handwritten signature is now widely recognized.

However, even if it is carried out correctly, an electronic signature must in any case be accompanied by a certain number of precautions in order to be enforceable when the time comes.

Livre Blanc Transformation Numérique

Data/document preservation and digital transformation

We have chosen to treat the subject with a strong focus on archived content rather than on containers. The information is thus at the heart of the subject with its conservation/preservation throughout its life cycle.

Livre Blanc Econsentement

Why does e-consent help build trust between patients and physicians?

Healthcare and the patient relationship are no exception to the development of digital technology. This is all the more true as recent legal and regulatory developments (eIDAS, RGPD, e-Privacy, etc.) provide a framework of trust conducive to the development of a 100% digital patient relationship and the emergence of eConsentments.

Livre Blanc Le Numérique Guide Pratique

Digital: best practices

Digital technology has entered our homes and is no longer the sole preserve of a professional environment. This poses challenges in terms of security in the broadest sense, but also at the technical, legal and personal levels with regard to the data exchanged.

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Pineappli - La conservation sécurisée, l’archivage de données numériques

Secure storage and archiving of digital data – February 2021

Publication by Jean-Marc Rietsch

Pineappli - Informations sur la signature électronique et la conservation sécurisée

Information on electronic signature and secure storage – January 2021

Publication by Jean-Marc Rietsch

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Podcast by Jean-Marc Rietsch at RadioMonaco – February 2021

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Interview with Jean-Marc Rietsch for Forbes magazine – January 18, 2021