The satisfaction of FISAM’s customers is the basis for the development of our activity, hence the commitments of our quality charter.

Our commitments

Respect for the identity of the client

Each client is unique, because of its business, its history, its geographical location and its staff. FISAM is committed to taking these differences into account in order to deliver a personalised service, right down to the client’s graphic charter and colours.

Solution in line with the demand

FISAM is responsible for proposing and providing its services in accordance with the client’s needs and for helping him to express them clearly, as well as their foreseeable evolution.

Scope of the project

The scope of the project is clearly defined, the limits and exclusions are specified. The provision of services or supplies at the client’s expense is precisely listed.

Cost and time control

The client knows the budget and timeframe required to cover his needs as expressed.

Effectiveness measurement

FISAM is committed to providing efficient services in accordance with its SLA requirements. 

Protection of solutions and services

Sustainability of the proposed solutions

Within the framework of the delivery of its services, FISAM is committed to using solutions based on modern and sustainable technologies.
FISAM protects the client against the cessation of its activity with a “Business interruption plan”.

Ownership of services

FISAM undertakes to make the source codes of its solutions available to the client via a specialised organisation (Agency for the Protection of Programs).


The client benefits from the extremely high level of security offered by FISAM’s services, with compliance with all security criteria: availability, confidentiality, integrity and traceability (opposability).

Respect for confidentiality

Because of the trust shown by its clients with access to their Information System, FISAM is bound by “professional secrecy” and undertakes not to disclose any information concerning the client.

Legal and regulatory compliance


As a supplier in the digital field, FISAM is an expert in this field and maintains its knowledge and skills in this area.

Available resources and expertise

FISAM undertakes to maintain the level of knowledge of its internal resources, in particular through actions related to continuous training.

Computer / normative / technological watch

As an expert, FISAM carries out a permanent legal, normative and technological watch.

Customer satisfaction

In order to satisfy the client, at the start of each service, FISAM validates the client’s needs and presents the services intended to meet these expressed and validated needs.


FISAM is committed to measuring the degree of satisfaction of its customers and to collecting their proposals in order to achieve continuous improvement.



Pineappli’s commitments as a company

Pineappli undertakes to :
– have an honest attitude;
– respect the company, its employees and its environment;
– serve the best interests of its customers;
– treat partners and suppliers with impartiality and fairness;
– respect the principles of loyalty and free competition.

Pineappli’s commitments as a service provider

Pineappli undertakes to provide a secure storage service with trust services (electronic signature, stamp, time stamping) as well as a secure document transfer service.

Pineappli :
– guarantees that the data retention service enables the electronic documents to be restored to the technical state they were in when they were deposited;
– retains the electronic documents it receives in accordance with the provisions set out in the contract concluded with its client;
– guarantees that throughout the duration of its commitment with the client, the electronic documents are accessible only to authorised recipients;
– shall refrain from using the electronic documents entrusted to it for personal purposes and/or from analysing the data contained therein;
– shall return the electronic files in full to the client or its beneficiaries, at the end of the contract or in the event of cessation of activity, without retaining any copy thereof;
– shall guarantee the overall consistency of and changes to the storage systems used and the associated services;
– shall, in the event of the illicit content of electronic documents being reported, shall take all appropriate measures in accordance with the regulations in force;
– shall, for trust services : signature, electronic time-stamping, uses dedicated platforms managed by trust service providers recognised as compliant;
– manages all traces linked to the operations carried out by the client in such a way that they can be presented as evidence.

Service delivery commitments

Pineappli undertakes to provide its client with services that include the supply of a complete service including the implementation of hardware and software as well as associated services defined contractually.

Pineappli :

– submits to the controls intended to obtain the necessary compliance and to its periodic renewal;
– ensures that the trusted service providers used are always compliant with regard to the services called upon;
– ensures its obligation to advise;
– guarantees its client the proper execution of the service even in the event of technical changes to its computer systems;
– takes out an insurance contract with an approved company whose scope of guarantees covers the services offered;
– ensures that the trusted service providers have insurance covering their respective services;
– guarantees the availability, integrity, durability, confidentiality and security of the electronic files entrusted to it;
– implements secure procedures to guarantee the authentication and traceability of all operations carried out;
– provides all the elements enabling the service to be resumed in the event of a failure;
– provides the client with documentation for the implementation of the services;
– assists the client throughout the execution of the contract.

The client’s commitments

Pineappli undertakes to ask the client :
– to send only electronic files whose content complies with the laws in force on the day of submission;
– to comply with the technical provisions of the contract;
– to inform Pineappli of any changes to its information system that may have an impact on the performance of the service;
– to provide Pineappli with all information necessary for the proper performance of the service.


We share the responsible digital charter published by the Institute of Responsible Digital,
and more particularly :

optimize digital tools to limit their impact and consumption

Pineappli helps limit the number of versions of files attached to emails

develop accessible, inclusive and sustainable services for all

Thanks to its modularity and scalability, Pineappli meets the needs of a single customer, without oversizing 

Commit to ethical and responsible digital practices

Pineappli ensures complete confidentiality of personal data, in particular health data

make digital technology measurable, transparent and readable

Our permanent monitoring allows us to guarantee the use of the best adapted tools and a perfect match between the needs and the proposed solution

encourage the emergence of new behaviours and values

The very foundations of Pineappli are based on an inter-generational operation


FISAM’s supplier charter

FISAM’s purchasing approach is in line with the company’s missions and ambitions and conveys its values to its partners.

FISAM’s objective is to acquire the supplies, works and services necessary for its activity by favouring the supplier’s offer each time, on the basis of functional and formalised technical requirements, expressed by integrating this ambition.

FISAM wishes to establish relationships with suppliers based on trust, which only exists if the fundamentals of the client-supplier relationship (quality, costs, deadlines) are respected in the long term.

The founding principles of FISAM Supplier relations

FISAM has defined a number of values and wants suppliers to be involved with it in an ethical and socially responsible approach.
In addition, FISAM expects suppliers to contribute effectively to its Environmental and Safety policies:

– Integrity and mutual respect in the relationship between FISAM and suppliers. FISAM and suppliers are committed to loyalty and honesty afin order to create and maintain
relationships of trust. The confidentiality of information exchanged and respect for intellectual property are the subject of reciprocal commitments.
– Respect for fundamental rights FISAM and suppliers comply in all areas with the laws and regulations in force.
– Respect for the environment. FISAM is strongly committed to respecting and protecting the environment in a sustainable manner. It is the responsibility of everyone, including the contract holders, through their professional actions and their level of know
-how, to ensure the protection of the environment. Any environmental emergency must be alerted and dealt with appropriately.
– Respect for safety. FISAM’s safety policy aims to continuously improve risk prevention. Suppliers must comply with the same safety requirements.

FISAM’s commitments to suppliers


Transparent and fair selection of suppliers

FISAM’s objectives are to ensure competition, transparency and non-discrimination towards suppliers.
– To buy services and supplies on the basis of an explicit prescription that allows us to pronounce the technical and commercial admissibility of the offers, and, as far as possible, by appreciating the complete cost of the purchase.
– Be open to the market offer and integrate innovative solutions.


Balanced contracts in terms of risks and responsibilities

FISAM wishes to contract with suppliers over the long term for balanced contracts, in terms of risk sharing, and creating technical and economic performance.
– To establish contracts with liability clauses adapted to the stakes and with an obligation to achieve results whenever possible.
– Evaluate the quality of services provided by suppliers through feedback adapted to each type of project and provided as close as possible to completion. Regularly inform suppliers of their performance as part of a continuous improvement process.


Beyond contracts, relationships of trust with suppliers
– Give suppliers visibility on forecasted needs to enable them to anticipate load management. – Formalize, when necessary, partnership approaches for co-development, innovation enhancement, and dependency management, in a spirit of trust.

FISAM’s expectations of suppliers


To respect the rules and values in the framework of the consultation
– To submit a clear offer that meets FISAM’s needs, using its own data and those transmitted by FISAM.
– Not to divulge any confidential information relating to contracts or consultations in progress.


To ensure compliance with the terms of the contract
– To monitor the quality of services and alert FISAM as early as possible in the event of a risk of non-compliance with the contract in terms of deadlines, quality and product characteristics.
– To share FISAM’s policy in terms of security. To this end, to ensure the ongoing training of our staff by limiting the use of temporary staff.
– Adhere to FISAM’s sustainable development objectives. In particular, to be exemplary in relations with third parties (limiting nuisance to local residents, etc.) and in respecting the environment by preserving natural habitats.


For a relationship of trust
– Alert FISAM, as early as possible, in case of changes in the company’s activity, its organization and resources, its means and manufacturing processes.
– Continuously improve technical and economic performance, take into account the entire life cycle of products when designing offers and be a force of proposal in terms of innovative solutions.