Pineappli Client Ekinsport

Sports equipment

“… In fact, it is important to understand that Pineappli, through its patented technology, secures the data as soon as it enters the system, so it is done automatically and totally transparent for the user!…”


Pineappli Client Ekinsport

Creator of medical devices

“…It just seemed so obvious to us, an app that can cover a whole field of different data. Not only personal data but also health data. … »


Pineappli Client Ekinsport

Coral synthesis

“… It suits our organization perfectly and that’s how we integrated Pineappli into all of our business processes: from the administrative management of our members, to that of our customers, to the protection of our know-how and our intellectual property…”


Pineappli Client Ekinsport
Pineappli Client Ekinsport


Associate Director at Ekinsport

Hello Mr Guigue, you are the Associate Director of Ekinsport, can you tell us why did you choose Pineappli?

We chose Pineappli because it was the only tool we found that could meet all three of our main needs in our digital transition: maximum data security, irrefutable validation of our proofs of delivery and automatic distribution of pay slips.

What do you mean by better security?

At first, we were surprised by this argument! In fact, it is important to understand that Pineappli, thanks to its patented technology, secures the data as soon as it enters the system, so it is automatic and totally transparent for the user! It’s almost magical!
As a result, we no longer need to make backups ourselves, which are often cumbersome and restrictive. This saves us time and is much less stressful!

You were talking about “irrefutable proof for your TAOs”, what does that mean?

As a sports equipment manufacturer, we produce numerous crests and logos for clothing brands and sports clubs every year. With Pineappli, we have found a way to have all our proofs validated in a certain and systematic way, thanks to an electronic signature system that proves the client’s agreement. Pineappli provides us with sufficient proof in the event of a claim.

What is the added value for the distribution of your pay slips?

The distribution of pay slips used to be done manually. Today, thanks to Pineappli, we save an incredible amount of time, because we only have to press a button to launch the distribution! In addition, Pineappli complies fully with Monegasque legislation, which requires each newsletter to be signed electronically.

The last word?

We are delighted with this solution, which is 100% Monegasque!


Administrative Department at Ekinsport

I use Pineappli for storing professional files.
It allows me to share them with my colleagues to work together more easily, no matter where I am.
It allowed me to centralize the documents needed for our business.
It is fast, easily accessible and with different connection methods.
It is scalable according to our needs.


Graphic designer at Ekinsport

My PINEAPPLI is my storage for all my files to keep or modify.
Also to provide access to people who need to share this data.
Pineappli offers me the possibility of working from several workstations, both at home and in the office, with a single application.
It is the possibility of evolution in the options necessary for my work.
A reactive after-sales service.
Fast adaptation.


Graphic designer at Ekinsport

I use my Pineappli to store and share data
It is the possibility of having access to the data stored from another station.
Do not use an external hard drive for storage and all the problems that can occur such as data loss.
A fast and reactive after-sales service, a team that listens to all the feedback that can be given.

Pineappli Client Ekinsport
Pineappli Client Ekinsport

Leonarda SANCHEZ

President of S.A.S New Team Medical

Pineappli Client Ekinsport
Pineappli Client Ekinsport

Dr. Rachid Benchaouir

President and Founder of Coraliotech

Pineappli convinced us on two levels:

On the one hand for its extremely high level of security to protect the confidentiality of data
that we manage on a daily basis.
By the nature of our research work we collect a large amount of data.
Some of this data represents all our know-how and therefore our added value.
The other part may also give rise to patent applications and its confidentiality must be ensured.
Thanks to Pineappli, all of this data is perfectly protected while freeing us from
tedious backup procedures and this is done in a completely transparent way for us.
On the other hand, by the use of its shared safe, quite unique and which represents a real strength of Pineappli.
Indeed, Pineappli allows the sharing of documents between users, in a very secure way and totally
We particularly appreciate the fact that it is the user who creates the shared safe,
who decides both with whom he wants to share, as well as the rights he grants them, without
the intervention of a system administrator. Thus each of the invited persons can have different rights.
This is a perfect fit for our organisation and we have integrated Pineappli into the whole
of our business processes: from the administrative management of our members (pay slips,
passwords, personal documents) to that of our customers (NDA, commercial contracts),
through the protection of our know-how (manufacturing secrets) and our intellectual property
(Soleau envelopes, patents, intellectual property contracts).