Pineappli Equipe

“We rely on the skills and talents of each individual, in order to make this beautiful collective intelligence work, a guarantee of innovation and creativity.”

Our team

Jean-Marc Rietsch
President and Founder

Maximilien Rietsch
Co-founder & COO

Sylvine Guyard
Marketing & Communication Manager

Ludwig Roger
Chief Information Officer

Lea Frasconi
Marketing & Communication Manager

Quentin Varo
Chief Information Security Officer

Jean-Marc Rietsch President and Founder

He brings his expertise and experience in the field of security and trust services, and more particularly his knowledge and experience of electronic archiving, having contributed to the launch of CDC Arkhineo, the first French company to position itself as a third-party digital data archiver.

His knowledge of the electronic signature is equally important insofar as it is omnipresent in all digitalisation projects and consequently in electronic archiving. Jean-Marc Rietsch also contributed to the development of the first time-stamping service launched by the company Certeurope in 2003.

He also contributed to the implementation of a new trust service, the proof management authority, whose objective is to verify the validity of an electronic signature on a document intended to be archived. This project was carried out by the Imprimerie Nationale and is now fully covered by the European eIDAS regulation as a signature validation service. He accompanied the company CDC Arkhinéo to be qualified on this service in July 2018.

As an international expert in digitisation and electronic archiving, Jean-Marc Rietsch has worked for major banking groups as well as for Orange, Airbus and others on the implementation of digitised processes and the verification of their legal and regulatory compliance.

His participation in the EBIOS club has enabled him to develop a risk analysis approach dedicated to digitalisation.

Maximilien Rietsch Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

He holds an engineering degree in computer science and electronics, which gives him a high level of knowledge and a real rigour in his work. He has also developed numerous skills in different areas of computer science, including several internships abroad, but especially through his professional experience.

His good knowledge of almost all computer platforms, acquired through the development of numerous mobile and desktop applications, allows him to set up a fully responsive system for desktop applications, smartphones and tablets.

He also studied artificial intelligence and deepened his knowledge on the subject, in particular through contact with the director of Facebook’s artificial intelligence research laboratory, Yann Le Cun. As a result, he has already designed devices based on artificial neural networks.

His areas of expertise allow him to act both in the development of applications and software architecture as well as in the architecture of computer systems or in research and development work on artificial intelligence, particularly at the level of artificial neural networks.

Sylvine Guyard Marketing & Communication Manager

A business school graduate, she is recognised for her human and professional event organisation skills.
She has been in charge of the conception, preparation, material and logistical organisation of numerous events for over 15 years.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner cocktail parties, conferences, competitions, vernissages, award ceremonies, trade fairs, exhibition stands, book launches and annual congresses are just some of her achievements in the field of health and especially in the field of new technologies.

She has also used her enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity to set up training courses and company seminars for many private and public organisations.

Lea Frasconi Marketing & Communication Manager

After a Baccalaureate in Accounting, Lea wanted to indulge her passion for cosmetics. She very quickly took a CAP in aesthetics, cosmetics and perfumery, followed by a Professional Certificate and finally a BTS in work-linked training, which she completed at the multinational COTY in Monaco in one of its research centres.

Wishing to reach positions of responsibility, Lea completed her course of study by doing a Bachelor’s degree. Thanks to this generalist training, she discovered the world of marketing and events; it was a real revelation for her.
She then began a Master’s degree in Digital Communication and Global Strategy, which enabled her to acquire the tools and techniques required for future positions in marketing, communication or sales departments.

As part of her training, Lea joined the Pineappli team in November 2020. She assists the team with marketing, communication and event organisation, bringing her dynamism and creative talents to the table.

Ludwig Roger Information Systems Director

After a double baccalaureate in literature and science, and with a passion for computer science and programming, he embarked on higher education in the field of computer technology.

He first obtained a BTS in Computer Services for Organisations, (option Software Solutions and Business Applications oriented programming), then completed a Bachelor’s degree and finally a Master’s degree in Software Architecture, (option Expert in Computer and Information Systems Engineering).

Professional experience :
BOSCH France, as user support: troubleshooting, incident resolution
SNCF, development of applications for internal use, notably for TGV maintenance

He joined the Pineappli adventure in November 2019 as a developer and software architect and currently holds the position of CIO.

Quentin Varo Chief Information Security Officer

During his studies in a scientific preparatory class, Quentin discovered computer science and the engineering professions in this field, which captivated him. He then decided to join the ESIEA school of computer science and electronics in Laval in order to acquire technical skills in the field of computer science as well as human skills in business and project management. Thanks to the many projects he has been able to participate in, Quentin quickly developed a passion for computer security. He obtained the privilege of joining the Cryptology and Operational Virology (CVO) research laboratory as a “hopeful-research” student. Under the supervision of Dr. Éric Filiol, director of the CVO laboratory and cybersecurity expert, Quentin was able to devote a large part of his studies to specialising in computer security and to carrying out advanced technical projects leading to concrete achievements.  

Always in search of knowledge, Quentin chose to continue his studies abroad, he was admitted to Concordia University in Montreal to complete a master’s degree in information systems security. After the first semester, his good results allowed him to join Dr. Jun Yan’s research laboratory specialised in smart cities, smart grids and cyber-physical systems. For 2 years, Quentin conducted research projects and published scientific papers in the field of IoT equipment security and quantum communications within smart grids.

In 2021, Quentin graduated with a dual degree in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering and a Master of Applied Science in Information Systems Security.   

Professionally, Quentin completed a 4-month internship at Monaco Telecom under the supervision of the Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM), Karim Methia. During this experience, Quentin worked as a pentester, performing a complete penetration test of the company’s network and implementing additional security measures in order to resolve the vulnerabilities encountered.

He also carried out a humanitarian mission to provide assistance and knowledge of system and network security in Burkina Faso. During one summer, Quentin rehabilitated the local area network (LAN) of the Red Cross in Ouagadougou, installed a network access controller (NAC), and trained the staff to maintain the systems in place.

Quentin joined the Pineappli team in January 2022 as CISO.


A beautiful father/son adventureHow did Pineappli come about?

Meeting a critical need

Like many innovations, Pineappli was born to meet a need, a frustration. Pineappli’s origins date back to 2010, when the cloud was increasingly seen as inevitable. Many security experts were wondering whether it was possible to use it to archive data securely.
Even if the obvious lack of confidentiality of the Cloud was not in its favour, some experts, such as Jean-Marc Rietsch, felt that one could not go against the deployment of Cloud solutions and that it was urgent to find solutions to secure the data despite everything.
The challenge was to find a way of securing a device which, by construction, does not have the best predispositions in this area.
Jean-Marc Rietsch came up with the idea of protecting the data at a very early stage, before sending it to the cloud. This unique and revolutionary new process was patented in 2016 in Europe and in 2020 in the USA.

A beautiful father/son adventure

Once the international patent was obtained, Jean-Marc Rietsch first thought of selling it to other companies, but it was his son, himself an engineer, who convinced him to develop it together.
They then brought the project to maturity, and Pineappli was born, adding to secure storage, in particular, the possibilities of electronic signature, digitisation with probative value and secure transfers.
Pineappli and its founders then joined MonacoTech in August 2020.
Since then, Pineappli has had the privilege of being ISO 27001 certified and declared RGPD compliant.

A growing team

The team has grown with the arrival of Ludwig in IT development and Sylvine as Marketing and Communication Director with her assistant Lea.
We have already called on 4 interns to reinforce the technical teams by working on specific subjects with a deliberately limited scope.
We welcome unsolicited applications that regularly arrive via our website.

Values: diversity, resilience and intergenerational collaboration

Pineappli’s corporate values are to build a diverse and inclusive team, while demonstrating humanity.
We want to provide our team with a stimulating and positive work environment. Trust is essential so that everyone feels comfortable enough to be themselves at work and where everyone can benefit from opportunities for career advancement and development. To achieve this, we promote diversity with atypical and heterogeneous profiles and intergenerational collaborations.
We rely on the skills and talents of each individual to make this collective intelligence work, which is a guarantee of innovation and creativity.

La minute stagiaire

Pineappli loves to welcome trainees!

Welcoming a trainee requires time and human qualities in order to accompany them in their educational progress and make this experience a real success. It is a process of openness and commitment, and a genuine exchange takes place with all the players at Pineappli.

Passing on knowledge: the work placement is a way of coming into contact with the professional world and offers a qualifying experience. The tutors are there to pass on their experience and help young people to integrate their professional knowledge.

Training and identifying our future employees: an internship can be part of a pre-recruitment policy: it is a question of testing and training future employees in the professional requirements of our structure and also of making ourselves known in the alumni networks.

To contribute to the image of the new technology sector: a sector open to young people, dynamic and forward-looking.

In order to highlight the work of our trainees, we propose that they do an interview at the end of the course and present the theme on which they have worked.


Trainee IT engineer


Trainee IT engineer

Catarina RORIZ

Trainee IT engineer

Antoine TARTE

Trainee IT engineer