Pineappli is a break with traditional EDM and electronic archiving systems.Our mission: To make your digital transition a breeze!

A unique concept, doubly innovative!

From the same screen :

– Store all your data with the strongest security in the world

– Access to all digital dematerialization services

Truly the strongest security in the world!

Thanks to its patented technology, Pineappli has taken up the incredible challenge of making the Cloud an archiving device with probative value, in a totally transparent way for the user. This is the highest level of security known in the world today.

What is the Pineappli digital office for?

Pineappli is a break with traditional EDM and electronic archiving systems.

In order to simplify these new technologies for the end user, Pineappli takes into account the entire life cycle of a document.

From a single screen, your Pineappli desktop, you can easily manage all the stages in the life of a document.

A single password to access all digitalisation services:

  • Personal digital safes and shared digital safes to store, organize and search your data
  • all trust services such as electronic signature, electronic seal, time stamping
  • digital transfers and secure document delivery, such as electronic registered mail, document viewing and downloading
  • automated distribution of documents, such as pay slips, invoices and various forms
Easy to install and use

Pineappli can be installed in the cloud or on premise, it is an application that integrates with all business solutions thanks to its APIs and works on any type of terminal. (PC, Smartphone, Tablet)

Legal and regulatory compliance

Pineappli is notably ISO 27001 certified, RGPD compliant and compliant with the Monegasque law of December 2019.

For whom?

For all companies regardless of their size and field of activity.


Digital safes

personal – shared – guests

  • Storage & Archiving
  • Classement
  • Search

Electronic signature & other trusted services

  • Electronic signature
  • Cachet électronique
  • Timestamp

Secure transfers & shipments

of documents

  • Visualization & Validation
  • Download
  • Electronically registered

Automatic distribution of documents

  • Wage slips
  • Invoices
  • Various forms

Traceability Evidential

  • Securing with chaining
  • Recording of each action
  • Export for exploitation


Personal - shared - guest digital safes

Personal digital safes :

Store all types of documents

  • Only the user can access his safe, even an administrator cannot access it
  • Data storage at vitam aeternam, thanks to the patented* Pineappli technology

Shared digital safes :
Collaborative space to exchange documents between several users

  • For each shared space, its creator decides with which users it will be shared
  • For each space, the users and their rights can be different

Guest digital safes :
Allows deposit in a Pineappli safe without being a user

  • The rights of guest users are defined by its creator and may vary from one user to another
  • A client can more easily exchange confidential/sensitive documents with his lawyer to avoid potential leaks by email
Electronic signature & other trust services

Electronic signature & other trust services
Electronic Signature, Electronic Stamp, Time Stamp

  • No document leaves the Pineappli environment to ensure complete confidentiality
  • The signed, sealed or time-stamped document or list of documents is automatically secured in Pineappli
Secure document transfers & shipments

Secure document transfers & shipments
Provision of a document to one or more recipients and registered

  • In 80% of cases, the document or list of documents is read and/or validated and does not leave the Pineappli environment
  • In 20% of cases, the document or list of documents must be modified and therefore downloaded: in this case the link to the document sent has a limited life span whether or not the recipient is in the Pineappli environment.
Automatic document distribution

Automatic document distribution
Wage slips, Invoices, Various forms

  • Distribute documents via 3 axes: Pineappli transfers, to a safe, as an email attachment
  • Example 1: sending invoices with online payment via Pineappli + updating the accounting (company & accountant). Example 2: Distribution of salary slips in the personal safe of employees and the company.
Traceability with probative value

Traceability with probative value

Recording of each action, Securing with chaining, Export for exploitation

  • Each action in Pineappli is subject to a trace that allows, if necessary, to demonstrate the reality of the treatment
  • The traces are kept in a secure manner and are unalterable in order to provide proof of their authenticity

Legal and regulatory compliance


*Patent filed by Mr. Jean-Marc Rietsch on June 8, 2015, dealing with the “securing of digital data”, bearing the national registration number 15 01179 and European registration number 3304409 and issued on April 7, 2020 in the United States under number 10,614,230